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9 ways to beat the high cost of French language schools

9 ways to beat the high cost of French language schools



(1) If you are in France it might be cheaper to get a private tutor.

If you are already in France, it might be better to consider a Private Tutor and not a french language school. French Language Schools, especially the well known schools, are very expensive. A language school can start as low as 10 euro/ hour for group classes and 45 euro/hour for individual classes. For a private teacher they can start as low as 15 euro/hourĀ  for private one-on-one classes.

Are these private tutors any good? Yes! Many of these private tutors actually work as language teachersĀ  in well-known Language Schools, but offer courses privately. Make sure to find out the level of experience before signing up.

(2) Avoid well-know Language schools in Paris.

If it is necessary to be in Paris and to attend a recognized language school for visa purposes, try to avoid famous language schools. These language schools due to there popularity are usually more expensive than other language school of similar quality.

(3) If in France or coming to France, avoid big cities such as Paris and Lyon and try smaller cities.

Language schools in big cities in big cities are usually more expensive than language schools in smaller towns. Yet the quality may be better in smaller towns due to low demand, and limited students.

(4) If you are in France consider a government-funded french language training.

The french government now offered french language courses that are funded by the government for family of French residents, immigrants, refugees etc who are just coming to France as long as they have a Carte de Sejour and qualify for this assistant. These training usually take place in recognised language schools or organisations such as Alliance Francaise, Assofac, Astrolabe and GRETA.

(5) If you would like to come to France, consider taking elementary courses of french in your own country first.

French Language schools or courses in other countries are usually cheaper than those that are offered in France. In other words you pay for the prestige of studying in France. If you are take the elementary courses in your own country, (such as A1 and A2 can be done in your country and B1 and B2 in France ) it would cut the hours of French you will need to pay for when you get to France.


(6) Try self study.

If you have some basic idea of french from your high school, then maybe you should consider self study. They are a lot of resources on line and some really great books out there to help you. This site www.french-exam.com offers some great resources to get you started.

(7) Consider taking french course with a none profit organisation.

There are a number of non-profit organisation out there that offer french language training. If you are in France check your local Maire for further information on such organisation.


(8) Take french as a foundation course in a university in France if you want to study in France.

Many french university offer one year or summer courses in french at a competitive cost to students who would like to do they university program with them.


(9) Take a french language course online, direct from France.

The french organisation CNED now offer french courses online for people taking the DELF or DALF exam. It is available to everyone as long as you can pay and have a computer. Check out our post on the CNED online program to get further information.


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