I came across this French TV series that is not too complicated and the dialogs are simple enough for a level B1 at least.   I found this french tv series very interested and decided to share it with you all.

As I have stated before movies and tv series are a great way to improve your french listening. Always remember that with your french oral exam, 100% of your score is dependent on ….understanding what is said to you or asked but the exterminator.  Familiarizing yourself with the french accent and rhythm of the language is a good way to get you prepared.  It is also useful for people who would just like to keep from losing there current fluency in french.


Les revenants” or ‘The returned” by Fabrice Gobert  is in the form of a television drama series and centers around a small mountain town, where many dead people re-appear, apparently alive and normal. While this sounds like a typical zombie movie, it is far from it. It seem to be based on how love one’s cope and adjust when these love one’s return. For some people they are happy, while for others not so much. It follows the characters:  road accident victim teenager Camille; suicidal bridegroom Simon; “Victor”, a small boy who was murdered by burglars; and Serge, a serial killer.

Check out the trailer below:


This french tv series was adopted to British television completed with subtitles recently. Unlike other movies and series I have seen, the french dialog very closely match the english subtitles, which I found very useful especially for learners of french. While for more advance french learners, the subtitles might seem a distraction from the series and the actual dialog, It actually does not.

So if you are in Britain or in France be sure to find out on which television station you can find it on in  your area. If you are not in Britain or in France but in other parts of the world, worry not, I have provided a link for you below.

Here you will find a link to the video with subtitles and all.

The returned season 1 episode 1

 Let me know what you think.

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