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5 Strategies to Help you make the most of your French classes

5 Strategies to Help you make the most of your French classes
1. Speak!

As a language teacher, it is impressive to see how a lot of students avoid speaking and practicing the little french they do know because they are waiting until they can speak grammatically correct. The problem is it takes a while to fully master a language. As a result, it makes no sense in waiting for the “right time”. The right time is now.

If the teacher is trying to engage the class… participate. Only with true practice can you really improve.

2. Trust you teachers to do what they do

Do not assume you know more than your teacher. The minute you do, it is the moment when you stop learning and start second guessing everything you are being taught. If a teacher explained something to you and you had learnt it another way, that does not mean he or she is wrong. They speak the language, they are teaching as a result they know what they are doing.

3. Don’t Limit Learning to just your french class

Learning french is a commitment between you and your teacher. Your teacher is doing his or her part and as a result you will need to do your part by ensuring that your learning continues outside of the classroom.

Read books, do language exchanges with other learners, watch movies, do practice exercises. Just remember that learning a language is easier when you immense yourself in the language.

If you have a partner who speaks french, take advantage of this and try to speak french with them as much as possible. And I do understand that for some of us it might not be so easy. Remember to do what is best for you.

4.  Don’t just go to class for dictation

When you are in your french class, listen to your teacher as much as possible. You lost information when you spend your time trying to write down everything your teacher is saying, since you are not giving your full attention.

5.  Don’t Translate

Did I just say don’t translate? Yes! Nothing is more distracting to a teacher than a student that is constantly consulting his dictionary or smartphone to find the meaning of a french word. If you wish to translate everything why go to class?

Leave all translation until you get home. In addition if you are not sure of the sense of a word ask your teacher. In many cases they will be happy to help you.

I use the word sense, since one word may have many meanings or well as one word when paired with another word can mean something totally different. It is important to understand the sense and context of what is being said and it only by listening and asking your teacher you will truly understand.



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