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défiDELF, a FREE online course for DELF B2

défiDELF, a FREE online course for  DELF B2

Based on the positive response to my previous post on Free online Intermediate french course for level b1-b2, I decided to follow up with another free course.  Let me present the défiDELF a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for preparing you for the DELF B2. This particular course is being offered by Université de Lille 3, France.

Registration for this course is from December 19, 2016 to February 12, 2017. As a result, at the time of posting of this article, registrations are still opened and you will be able to enroll and follow the the online classes. However, if at the time of visiting this MOOC  défiDELF, you find that the session is finished or unavailable, just keep checking back as from time to time the same MOOC is offered in different sessions, at regular intervals, by these institutions.

Please follow link below to the MOOC:


To give you some information about this course:

In a nutshell, the defiDELF, is a guided 7 weeks B1 / B2 intermediate French course, which also complies with the requirements of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). As a result, each week, you will be giving a series of activities that will take you into the heart of a subject of society, specific to the tests of the DELF B2 to enrich your lexical and cultural knowledge.

Learning activities will include individual and self-corrective exercises, these activities will help you to develop your oral and written comprehension skills in order to gradually prepare you for the corresponding tests of DELF B2.

Since these activities correspond to the DELF B2 exam format, they are sometimes limited in time, they also offer questions Which encourage active re-use of acquired vocabulary and self-evaluation by using video feedback, with or without subtitles.

TV reports, radio and press articles, lexical and cultural sheets, memos, feedbacks, glossaries, mental maps … all the resources and tools to help you progress and offer you the means to pass the DELF B2 tests.

Activities aimed at improving your level at the DELF B2 oral and written production tests is also present. Individual or collective, and tutored, these activities (focused on the argument) will lead you, using tutors and / or your peers, to the requirements of the DELF B2 oral and written production tests.

Forums, workshops, blogs, … spaces to express, exchange, argue, produce, share, evaluate, learn to learn … and thus prepare you actively for all DELF B2 requirement, individually, in groups Or with tutors. This is a great opportunity for students who are preparing for the DELF B2 exam on their own to connect with other learners.

Who is this course for?

DéfiDELF is intended for anyone who wishes to prepare for the B2 French Language Diploma, but also for any FLE learner who wants to practice and improve in French. DéfiDELF is completely free and open to learners from all countries, level B1 in French.

Course Schedule

For this course you will need to commit 7 weeks to complete, dedicating minimum 5 hours a week. From February 20, you will have two weeks to discover the MOOC défiDELF before continuing with the rest of the course. During these two weeks, you will conduct a series of B1-level activities to assess your level in french and, depending on your results,you can decide whether or not to pursue the course and to register for the second part of the MOOC.

This first bridging module will also allow you to discover the learning environment and the principles of the MOOC défiDELF. At the end of the second part, which will take place over five weeks, you will obtain a certificate  justifying that you have completed  a minimum number of activities, that where designated each week.

For a more detailed breakdown of what will be covered during the 7 weeks see the following link.


Good luck and let me know if you found this MOOC useful!




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