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DELF A2 Mock Exam Resources

DELF A2 Mock Exam Resources




Preparing for the DELF A2 is a lot easier than the DELF A1. Why ? Because now you have a feel for the language and you are familiar with the exams structure. However, the same challenges still exit, such as the lack of past papers and practice paper to prepare for your exam.   Here are a number of sites that offer practice and mock exams for DELF A2 as well as a number of great self-study textbooks you can find useful when taking your exam.

Websites for DELF A2 mock exams:


You can check this website FRENCH EXAM HUB for DELF mock exams . It is a collection of all the Mock Exams relating to DELF A1, A2, B1, B2 that are found across the web. It is regularly update with new files and links.You can also see the following pages on our site:

French DELF A2 Exam Practice: Test 1

French DELF A2 Exam Practice: Test 2

French DELF A2 Exam Practice: Test 3

There are also many useful recommendation for other websites apps and podcasts that can be helpful in helping you prepare for your exams.


delf-a1 logoCheck out the CIEF website. The Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques is the official site of the DELF and the DALF exams.  This website, while not providing any past papers, does provide free resources for mock exams or in French “examen blanc”.  As someone who has taken the DELF A2 exam, I found this website every useful. The sample mock exams are exactly the same format and structure as the real DELF A2 exam.


Exemples d’examens : DELF DALF Suisse

This is another great website that you will find at least 3 mocks exam for DELF A2 complete with listen.

Useful books to use for DELF A2:

These books are very useful and can be found on online bookstores such as amazon.

préparation-à-l-examen-du-delf-a2,-m-audio-cdPreparation A L’Examen Du Delf Textbook A2 with CD (French Edition)

A very good book to use and it will definitely help you with your DELF A2 exam preparation is the “Préparation à l’examen du DELF A2”. Paris : Hachette, 2006. With 1 CD  written by Caroline Veltcheff and Hilton Stanley. This book is a collection of mock exams that follows the same structure as the DELF exam.

It covers practice for all sections and also  it provides sample answers to a number of the questions both in the Production Orale and the Production Ecrite Section of the exam. I found this to be very help, as when I went in the exam it was easier to speak and to understand what was being asked.



64d14512982d925b1cc5364b1f82fdadDelf A2. 200 Activities. Textbook + Key + Audio CD (French Edition)

If you are still looking for extra practice then the next best is Le Nouvel entraînez-vous : DELF A2 200 activités  by Anatole Bloomfield, Emmanuelle Daill, Richard Lescure Emmanuelle Gadet et Pauline Vey.

It covers practices for all the competences you will need for your DELF A2 exam: comprehension orale, ecrite  and Production orale, ecrite.

This book comes in two versions, with or without CD. If you want to be buy this book be sure to get the one with the CD. Lookout for the CD marked on the front of the book.






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