Home DELF Prim Delf Prim A1 Production orale: How to introduce yourself in french (audio included)

Delf Prim A1 Production orale: How to introduce yourself in french (audio included)

Delf Prim A1 Production orale: How to introduce yourself in french (audio included)

In part 1 of Production Orale section of your DELF Prim A1 french exam,  you will be asked you introduce yourself in french. In part one of this tutorial of your DELF Prim, we will be practicing listening to and answering  questions  related to presenting yourself in french.

Getting yourself familiar with the Production Orale spoken questions is a great way to improve your confidence on the day of your DELF Prim A1 exam. Even better, practicing aloud for your production orale, answering these questions and listening to yourself in order to improve your pronunciation and fluency.

Example DELF Prim A1 question types:

Lets look at the questions you will be expected to be familiar with for your DELF Prim A1 french exam.

Questions sur l’identité :
– Quel est ton nom ? Tu t’appelles comment ? Tu peux épeler ton nom ?
– Tu as quel âge ?
– Quelle est ta nationalité ?
– Quelle est ta date d’anniversaire ? Quel jour tu es né ?

So how do we practice answering these questions?

First you will read and listen to audio files related to the questions. We will then listen to 2 children talking about themselves in french.  Finally, at the bottom of the page you will practice the speaking section by using the online recorder and recording yourself, providing the personal information that will be required by the examiner. At the end of the recording, you will be able to listen to the audio file you have created and download the file,  if needed.


Questions Asking About your name:


  1. Quel est ton nom ?                 ( What is your name?)




2. Tu t’appelles comment ?                 ( What are you called?)



3.Tu peux épeler ton nom ?                  (Can you spell your name?)


Question Asking your age:


1.Tu as quel âge ?                       (How old are you?)


Questions Asking your Nationality:


1. Quelle est ta nationalité ?                        (What is your nationality?)



2. Je suis française, et toi ?                      ( I am French, and you?)



Example of children introducing themselves in french:

Here are 2 children who are introducing themselves. Listen to the audio and then see if you can practice introducing yourself in the same way. Listen to the audio as many times as you would like.

Killian : qui suis-je ?

Je m’appelle Killian, j’ai 11 ans et j’habite à Rambouillet.

Adrien se présente

Adrien se présente, parle de ses plats préférés et de ses passions.

Now at You!

Online Practice for Your DELF Prim Production Orale

Remember on the day of the exam, if you are not sure of the question, feel free to ask to examiner to repeat.

Once you have finished, check around on our site for other online practice exercises for your DELF Prim french exam.