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4 Great Paid Apps Designed to help you prepare for the DELF B1



(1) Le nouvel Edito Didier B1

http://www.editionsdidier.com/files/article_thumbnail_3613.jpg This apps has 192 Exercises for French on your iPad. this application provides exercises to train in French Foreign Language (FLE) at the level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).The exercises are related to the progression of units of the book The New Editorial B1, French method for older adolescents and adults. It is currently available in the Apple and Android store.


The exercises are also accessible by theme if you want to improve a particular point:
– Vocabulary
Reading Comprehension
– Written Production

A report by unit or theme is offered to fully assess your strengths and areas for improvement
An array of statistics unit and theme allows you to have an overview of the progress

Cost for the apps: US$4.49

Here are some images:



Capture d’écran iPad 3


Capture d’écran iPad 4


(2) Itooch French Foreign Language

iTooch French Foreign Language is for any non-speaking person and can be used from high school (11-12 years), particularly students in the academic support, students of language schools , expatriates and employees of international companies.

Cost of app: US$4.49

This course consists of four themes:

Pronunciation and grammar terminology
Grammar: articles, adjectives, pronouns, questions, negations
Conjugation: present, imperfect tense, near future
Vocabulary: report, apologize, thank, numbers, time, opposites, daily life, family, health, sports, home, city, food, travel etc..

This app addresses three major skills:

reading comprehension, listening comprehension and spelling. Each chapter includes a course page. The explanations are simple, followed by examples and accompanied by tables, diagrams, drawings and photos to avoid the need for translation. The wide variety of exercises can reuse a common vocabulary and effective assimilation of grammar. The application is intended for those wishing to improve their knowledge of French and reach levels A2 and B1


58 chapters share title with abstract classes, examples and drawings
1700 issues by title indices and detailed answers
Integration of the Apple Game Center to share the results with friends
Virtual Table and integrated calculator to facilitate complex calculations and drawings
Course summary included to use the fundamentals to know the students
Automatic synchronization of applications as soon as new content is available
Offline Mode available to enjoy our applications even without an Internet connection

Capture d’écran iPhone 1

Capture d’écran iPhone 3


(3) Le BLED Orthographe, Grammaire, Conjugaison, Description

At the B1 level  Spelling, Grammar and Conjugation are especially important.

The application (embedded) includes:

– Rules: All rules of spelling, grammar, training and employment of tense,
The Conjugator: more than 6000 combined with all time verbs and all modes
The quiz: 400 MCQ test or to have fun with solutions explained.

You’ve probably already asked how to write:

Elles se sont lavé les mains. ou Elles se sont lavées les mains.
(They have washed their hands or They are washed their hands)
– Des parasols orange. ou Des parasols oranges.(The orange umbrellas.
Oranges or parasols.
– Il faut que nous payions. ou Il faut que nous payons.
(It is necessary that we pay. or must we pay.)

The BLED solves these difficulties of the French language and all others that you encounter every day!

A simple and easy movement in the application designed to respond immediately to questions we ask the French, the application offers a keyword search to access the rule or a combination, depending on the input.

You can also go further:
– Consulting “any rule” which offers other cases and examples
By testing with the quiz, well targeted, accessible from the rule: a fun and effective way to ensure we understood.
The quizzes are also freely accessible randomly, always with a potential return immediately to the rules.

The BLED reference
The method has BLED grammar, spelling and conjugation effectively explained and documented many examples with special cases and exceptions.

Most audio
All sounds and pronunciation of specific words can be played with a single click on the phonetic sign (for example, you will hear that challenge is pronounced “gajure” and not “gajeure”).

The text can be enlarged and each time a word displayed in full screen for easier reading.

Price of app” US$5.99





(4) Busuu


http://www.french-exam.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/hi-256-0-deff460a5ae7ae75781194d49743685a0cf7ffa7.pngThe application Busuu is designed to train you in French Foreign Language (FLE) at level A1 to B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). It offers a free version but it also has a more complete in-app purchase option.

Cost for each level (A1 -B2) the app: US$4.99

Cost for complete course: US$16.99


About this App:

  • Four levels located in just one app so that you can progressively start from level A1 and continue through all the levels, without getting a separate app.
  • There are practice exercises for everything that you have learnt.
  • The exercises are organized by skill if you want to improve a particular point
  • Exercises follows the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), so you can be sure you are getting the right training.
  • Available in both Itunes and Android Stores


Here are some images:

Learn French with busuu.com! - screenshot

Learn French with busuu.com! - screenshot


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