Home Exam tips “Hors de prix” Movies to help you learn French : part 1

“Hors de prix” Movies to help you learn French : part 1

“Hors de prix” Movies to help you learn French : part 1

Watching your favourite movie in French, is not as hard as it use to be. Many DVDs and Bluerays comes in a multi language format, where you can select which language you prefer or maybe just select the caption you prefer. However, I have to agree that hearing a voice over is definitely not the same as hearing it in the original version. It always seem as if something is “lost in translation”.

If you are looking for authentic french films to watch, in order to vary your exposure to the french language while you are studying for your exam, this “movies to help you learn french” post will guide you on your way.

You can as also consider easy to understand french series such as the “The Returned”, which is available to watch online. This french series is completed with subtitles.

If you have a at least solid B1 or intermediate level in French and like movies,  I would recommend the following 2006 French film to you.  It is a romance-comedy which features two of France most popular actors Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh.

Priceless (original title “Hors de prix”)




It tells the story of a young gold digger who mistakenly seduce a bartender thinking he’s a wealthy target.  This movie follows their little “adventure” to finding out what true love really means.

I found this movie very interesting and funny and as a result I believe both men and women alike will enjoy this movie. I watched this movie just after I completed my DELF A2 exam and while I could not understand every word, I was able to understand enough to be able to follow the movie and be truly entertained.

Where to find this french movie?

Try some of the online stores such as amazon. Up to a year ago this french movie was available on youtube. Try your luck you never know.

Check out the movie trailer below:


This movie is directed at a mature audience.


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