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Movies to help you learn french: Le Petit Nicolas Part 2


If you preparing for an french exam or have a child who is preparing for a french exam. This is a great french film that I would recommended to you.It is recommended a level of a strong B1 or intermediate french in order to understand and truly appreciate this movie.

You can as also consider easy to understand french series such as the “The Returned”, which is available to watch online. This french series is completed with english subtitles.

Le Petit Nicolas (Little Nicholas) is a family movies based on a series of French children’s books. I found this movie truly hilarious and really enjoyed how easily this young man seem to get into trouble and the creative ways that he found to get himself out of these situation. Narrated from Nicolas point of view, this movie is great for both children and adults.

Check out the movie trailer below:


Where to find this french movie?

Try some of the online stores such as amazon.

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