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“The Heartbreaker” -Movies to Improve your French: Part 4


If you are looking for new french movies that have been recently released to help you learn french, one of my favourite is L’arnacœur which translate to the Heartbreaker in english. It is a romance comedy…yeah another one, with a pretty predictable scenario. So why bother? Because of it’s predictability, it makes it easy to follow the storyline, even in french.


Released in 2010, the storyline follows Alex, a man that is a professional “breakup artist”. How does it really works? He is paid, usually by the family of the “target”, to make them by almost any means necessary come to realise that they are not truly happy in their current relationship and afterwards will voluntary want to leave their relationship to find true happiness. Of course, he is finally hired by a rich man who wants Alex to make his daughter realise that she is not really happy. He falls for this woman… a woman like no other.

This movie features Venessa Paradis, a great french actress, and also a french singer. And Romain Duris, who was really funny and charming in this movie. Venessa Paradis name has been linked in the past to Johnny Depps.

For this movie I would recommended a level B2 due to the speed of the dialog. However, if you consider yourself a very strong level B1 I would suggest you give the movie trailer a try and see if the dialog is easy to follow or not.

Here is a link to the trailer.



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