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Improve Production Ecrite at the level DELF, TCF, TEF B2 and above with this Paid app


http://a5.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Purple/v4/7c/55/c5/7c55c5c2-8948-faab-4b30-273837423ce0/icon_75.pngName of App:  Le BLED Orthographe, Grammaire, Conjugaison

At the B1 but especially at the B2 to C2 level,  Spelling, Grammar and Conjugation are especially important, and carry a lot of weight when constructing your essay. This application is worth a look as it was designed by one of the top french publishers french grammar books and is actually a reference for french students in France.

This app includes:
– Rules: All rules of spelling, grammar, training and employment of tense,
The Conjugator: more than 6000 combined with all verbs tenses and all moods
The quiz: 400 test  to have fun with plus solutions explained.

You’ve probably already asked how to write:

Elles se sont lavé les mains. ou Elles se sont lavées les mains.
(They have washed their hands or They are washed their hands)
– Des parasols orange. ou Des parasols oranges.(The orange umbrellas.
Oranges or parasols.
– Il faut que nous payions. ou Il faut que nous payons.
(It is necessary that we pay. or must we pay.)

The BLED solves these difficulties of the French language and all others that you encounter every day.
A simple and easy movement in the application designed to respond immediately to questions we ask the French, the application offers a keyword search to access the rule or a combination, depending on the input.

You can also go further:
– Consulting “any rule” which offers other cases and examples
By testing with the quiz, well targeted, accessible from the rule: a fun and effective way to ensure we understood.The quizzes are also freely accessible randomly, always with a potential return immediately to the rules.

The BLED reference
The method has BLED grammar, spelling and conjugation effectively explained and documented many examples with special cases and exceptions.All sounds and pronunciation of specific words can be played with a single click on the phonetic sign (for example, you will hear that challenge is pronounced “gajure” and not “gajeure”).

The text can be enlarged and each time a word displayed in full screen for easier reading.

Price of app” US5.99




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