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Songs to help you learn french- STROMAE, alors on danse


Stromae – Alors on Dance (Official Album Cover)

Ok I admit it. I really like this artist. This is the second song in our series on songs to help you learn french…and yes it is the same singer -Belgian singer Stromae. Why I like this song?  Because it was the first modern french song I truly liked when I came to France. The USA it seem does not have the monopoly on good music. Hope you like it too.


Alors on danse


Alors on danse… (x3)

Qui dit études dit travail
Qui dit taf te dit les thunes
Qui dit argent dit dépenses
Qui dit crédit dit créances
Qui dit dette te dit huissier
Oui : dit assis dans la merde
Qui dit amour dit les gosses
Dit toujours et dit divorce
Qui dit proches te dit deuil
Car les problèmes ne viennent pas seuls
Qui dit crise te dit monde, dit famine, dit Tiers-Monde
Qui dit fatigue dit réveil, encore sourd de la veille
Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes

Alors on danse… (x9)
Et là tu te dis que c’est fini car pire que ça ce serait la mort.
Quand tu crois enfin que tu t’en sors,
Quand y en a plus, eh ben y en a encore !
Est-ce la zik ou les problèmes,
Les problèmes ou bien la musique ?
Ca te prend les tripes, ça te prend la tête
Et puis tu pries pour que ça s’arrête
Mais c’est ton corps, c’est pas le ciel,
Alors tu te bouches plus les oreilles
Et là tu cries encore plus fort et ça persiste…

Alors on chante
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala,
Alors on chante
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala

Alors on chante (x2)
Et puis seulement quand c’est fini… (alors on danse)
Alors on danse (x7)
Eh ben y en a encore!


So we just dance

So we just dance
So we just dance
So we just dance

When we say study, it means work,
When we say work, it means money,
When we say money, it means spending
When we say credit, it means debt,
When we say debt, it means bailiff,
We agree to being in deep sh*t
When we say love, it means kids,
When we say forever, it means divorce.
When we say family, we say grief, because misfortune never comes alone.
When we say crisis, we talk about the wold, famine and then third world.
When we say tiredness, we  talk about waking up still deaf from sleepless night
So we just go out to forget all our problems.

So we just dance… (X9)

So you say that it’s over because the only thing worse would be death.
When you finally think you’ll make it, there’s more and more!
Ecstasy means a problem, problems or just music.
It grabs you by the guts, it takes hold of your head and then you pray for it to end.
But your body is no heaven so you block your ears even more.
And then you yell even louder and it goes on…

So we just sing
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala,
So we just sing
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala,

So we just sing
So we just sing
And then only when it’s over, then we dance.
So we just dance (x7)
And well, there’s still more (x5)



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