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7 must-have French podcast for TCF, TEF or DELF/DALF exams

7 must-have French podcast for  TCF, TEF or DELF/DALF exams


French Podcast are a great way to improve your  listening and comprehension skills. Furthermore, these two skills that are essential for getting a high score on french exam. If you are taking an exam such as the DELF, TCF and TEF, this podcast is for you . Below you will find 7 of our favourite french podcast to get you started right away.

But what exactly is a podcast?

podcastWell a podcast is a prerecorded program you can find online.  An example of a podcast can be a online radio talk show. Podcast usually consist of different episodes of various lengths. And usually consist of audio files, video files, documents, or any combination of the three.

Many people chose to just download the audio files. However, you can subscribe to the podcast and get regular updates as they release new stuff. Podcast are pretty great because they are also FREE.

Where to get Your French Podcast:

You can download some podcast directly from the hosting website to your chosen listening device or various Podcast services including iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcast apps, Stitcher, Spotify, Acast, and many more. Etc.


Recommended Podcast for Learning French

For learning French, there are a lot of podcast to learn French out there, however if you are thinking of taking a French exam such as the DELF, TCF or the TEF, Coffee Break French, Yabla french and Learn French by Podcast are a definite must-have. These three well developed podcasts meet the needed of the student who is preparing for an exam.


“Coffee Break French” Podcast for French Level A1 and C1:


“Coffee Break French”  Podcast targets beginner to advance french learners. They offer a free and premium version of their french podcast lessons, which is broken down into four seasons. Each  season is focused on a different  level in french, making it earlier to find the level that best suits your profile.

What is free and what is not, with “Coffee Break French” ? Free version of this french podcast includes the audio lesson file, while the premium version includes additional materials such as flashcards, lessons guides and additional audio. Is it worth it, the free version? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: continue reading.


Where to start with “Coffee Break French” podcast

Start with Season 1, if you are a beginner (A1). This french podcast, which starts with the very basics, is great for true beginners as well as false beginners who just want to refreshen up on the basics. A lot of time is spent getting the learner to focus on pronunciation and sentences structure. All the grammar stuff is clearly broken down and overall this podcast is pretty enjoyable.

Season 2 of “Coffee Break French” is for “upper beginners” or those who speak a bit of french but need a refresher on some basic grammar before moving to an intermediate level (A1-A2). It provides very good supplementary resources for your A1, A2 level french exams.

For intermediate learners of french, Those studying at the B1 -B2 level, we have “Coffee Break French”  season 3. And as you might have guessed, season 4 is for advanced learners of french, level B2 to C1.

TV5 Monde French Podcast for level:  A1-C2

Apprendre.TV : Test de Connaissance du Français show Test de Connaisance du Francais (TCF) practice resources and mock exams is available from TV5 Monde. While this french podcast provides training exercises for the TCF,  you can adopt a lot of their exercises for preparation of other french exams such as the DELF and TEF .

One key reason why this is a great french podcast for anyone who is preparing for the TCF exam, is that it covers all the areas of the TCF.  You will be working on improving you french with  authentic type exam questions. In addition, there is also a transcript and hand-out for the exercises located on the podcast. You can download the handout from Tv5 Monde website or you can download it with your podcast.


“Learn French with Podcast” for the Level  A1 to C2:


This french podcast  is a must have . It offers professional recording on not only formal French but also the day to day French you will find in the streets. All the explanations are very clear and the dialogs are pretty realistic.  Using the podcast will definitely give you an advantage over the other candidates.

Transcripts are also available (paid) for all the lessons and are completed with very clear explanation on grammar and vocabulary.


Yabla French Podcast for all levels : A1 -C2

YablaYabla French is a great way for French learners who wish to improve their language skills.  This podcast is based on the website of the same name. It consist of authentic French videos which covers topics such as include television programs, music videos, interviews, documentaries, and travel. Yabla French provides two download options: Caption only in french or caption with English and french.

The beauty about Yabla french is that it offers video clips for someone who is at the A1 level to someone at the C2 level. However, the podcast version does not have the exercise practice that normally comes with the website versions. All in all, this is a great podcast to have to start you off with authentic listening at any level.

“News in Slow French” Podcast for levels : French A2 -B2

http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/8/4/4/e/844e595133ce5874/nsf_logo.jpg“News in Slow french” is developed by Linguistica 360. In this podcast they discuss the Weekly News in simplified french, at a slow pace. This is a key advantage for beginners, as you can understand almost every word and sentence while observing French grammar, and French expressions.

Lessons with transcripts, are published on the podcast website and contain hundreds of learning lessons from beginning to intermediate French.Even though they state that this podcast is for beginner to intermediate, I would recommended that you have completed at least level A1 before considering this podcast. It might be slow, but there is a lot of vocabulary and expression that as a total beginner will leave you totally frustrated.



” French Listening Resources” Podcast for the Level B1 to C2:


French Listening Resources by ielanguages.com is a great french podcast that allows you listen to natural, unrehearsed French on a variety of topics recorded by native speakers in France. Furthermore, sometimes these podcast comes in a video format, so you are able to watch the video, making it a little more interesting.

You can also visit the podcast website and read along with the transcripts to improve your oral comprehension. This podcast targets students or independent learner who want to learn the real spoken language of France as opposed to textbook language.


“French Culture” Podcast for the Level B1 to C2:

france cultureThe group Radio France , is behind this great french podcast, “France Culture”. It allows you to listen to programmes on various topics in podcast format, anywhere in the world. Topics includes Current affairs, Literature, Art and entertainment, History, Science etc.  All of these topics are essential to you Comprehension Orale of your favourite french exam.

This podcast is for french learners who are already have a high B1 level  and above. This is because  everything is  in french and there is no a transcript thus making it difficult for people just starting to learn french.

Which French podcast would you recommend?

Have you tried any of these podcast and want to share your experience with other learners who are getting ready for their french exams?  Or do you just want to recommend another podcast? Let us know what you think below.



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