Free Interactive Online French Course for level B1

  If you are looking for a free online course  that will help you make the jump from level B1 to level B2 in French then do consider the course: Paroles de FLE {Français Langue Etrangère} niveau B2.   The registration for the MOOC Paroles […]

défiDELF, a FREE online course for DELF B2

Based on the positive response to my previous post on Free online Intermediate french course for level b1-b2, I decided to follow up with another free course.  Let me present the défiDELF a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for preparing you for the DELF B2. […]

DELF A1 Exam practice: mock test 14

This is our fourth DELF A1 mock exam plus step by step tutorial. In this article you will find a full A1 sample paper in pdf.  In addition, we will look at 2 examples:one on how to write a letter to a friend telling them […]

DELF B2 Production Ecrite : Health and eating habits

These practice Production Ecrite essay tasks on Health and eating habits. They are  adapted for level B2 of many french Exam. The tasks are taken from a french text given at the University of Liège(ULg), in Wallonia, Belgium. You can use it if you are […]