DELF A1- A2 Production Orale: Funny videos, describing jobs in french, with english subtitles

Learning french doesn’t have to be boring. I recently came across these videos. A short series which was developed in 2007 by  Supamonks Studio, an animation studio based in France. This educational and entertaining “JOBS” series or  Les Métiers,  as it is referred to in french, offers a child’s-eye view of today’s careers.

These videos are really cute! Having English subtitles to go with them is just an added bonus. If you are a big kid at heart, I am sure you will enjoy these videos on your journey to learning the french language.

There are now three videos available, “the baker”, “the lawyer” and “the surgeon” . All these three videos offers useful vocabulary that can be used when speaking about professions. ”The baker” is the first episode of the animated series. In this episode we learn about one student’s father, who works as a baker.

Note:Professions change form when they become feminine. In the first video, the profession, baker, is masculine,while in the other videos the professions are feminine.


The Baker – Le-Boulanger


The Surgeon –  La Chirurgienne


The Lawyer- L’Avocate


How much of this poster do you understand?



Here is another animated video that speaks about jobs. However, unlike the other videos there is no english subtitles but the dialog is fairly simple so it will not be too difficult to follow.