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In the Production ecrite section of DELF A1 and DELF A2 you may be asked to write an invitation to someone for a particular event. In this article we will be looking at how to write a message or email inviting someone in french.

In general for your french exam an invitation is usually for, however not limited to, :

  • A wedding
  • dinner
  • vacation
  • to see a movie
  • A Christmas party
  • an office party
  • a party to celebrate an engagement
  • a retirement party
  • a party to celebrate the end of studies
  • a baby shower or the birth of a baby
  • a birthday party

vous_deux_restauration_00_conseil_lyon_mariage_03_0Ensure that you are familiar with the vocabulary related to these events. In the DELF A1 You will be asked to write 40-50 words. While in the DELF A2 you will be asked to write 60-80 words.

When asked to write a letter or a message inviting someone, no matter the type,  the structure is usually the same.  Here are some basic steps to follow when writing  an invitation:

Before you start

  • Read the instruction and make sure it is a letter requesting that you write an invitation
  • Determine to what you need to invite someone
  • Who you should be inviting
  • Determine if you should be writing a friendly invitation or a professional invitation


When you are writing:

  • Use the right opening greetings, depending on the type of invitation
  • Say what the invitation is for
  • Say  when and where the event will take place
  • Give them a means to confirm or refuse the invitation
  • Let them know you are looking forward to seeing them at the event
  • Use the correct closing for your message

For the greeting for a professional letter use:

Cher Monsieur ……………………….,
Chère Madam…………………………..,

For the greeting for a friendly letter use:



Use the following expressions to start your invitation:

Je vous invite ………………. (au restaurant).

Je vous invite…………………(a diner a la maison).

Vous voulez aller diner au restaurant? Je vous invite.


Example of an invitation:


Context french:

Vous organisez un vin d’honneur pour votre mariage et vous voulez inviter vos collègues et amis.

Context english:

You organize a reception for your wedding and you want to invite your friends and colleagues.


Sample message:

Cher Jean, 

Ca va bien? Pour notre mariage, Sandrine et moi organisons un vin d’honneur à Versailles. Nous espérons que tu seras des nôtres pour fêter avec nous notre bonheur. RSVP  au : 06 87 45 67 00.



(Word Count: 42 words)

TIP! If you notice, based on the instruction that was given, I reused almost all the words that was given. I do not try to find words. This is extremely useful when you have limited vocabulary.


Now it is your turn:


Cher/Chère________ [use the first name if it is someone that you are familiar with or the last name if is someone you do not know very well ],

Pour notre mariage, nous organisons un vin d’honneur/ un cocktail à/dans ________ [precise the place where it will be held ]. Nous espérons que vous/tu seras des nôtres pour fêter avec nous notre bonheur. RSVP  au : ________ [ You can write here your postal address, your telephone number or your email address].





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