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DELF A2 : How to describe and talk about your home in French

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DELF A2 Production Orale_ How to talk about your home, apartment or house in french

In this tutorial, we will be looking at another popular speaking topic on the DELF A2 : talking about where you live.  This entails giving a discription of your home, whether it is an appartment or house, in french.  Fo this tutorial, we will look at how you should approach this topic by providing the essential vocabulary and french phrases to get you going. In addition, you will find sample French A2 questions and cue cards, to practice.  And finally authentic sample french monologue.


French A2 Cue card Examples
Describe your house or apartment in French“:




The first step is to introduce your topic:


This can be followed by stating where you live:

Remember when stating where you live, you use the preposition ‘à’ with cities and ‘en/au/aux’ are used with countries depending on their gender.


You can then describe your home:

State the type of building you live in

J’habite dans un/une…

State the size:

C’est … (grande / assez grande / moyenne / petite / très petite)


Mention the colours :

Ma maison / Elle est … (bleue / jaune / orange / violette / rouge / verte / blanche etc)


Identify the different rooms in your apartment or house:

You may first state the amount of rooms. For example:


You may then state the different rooms:

Il y a …………….

chambre – bedroom                  salle de bains – bathroom                   salon – living room

salle à manger – dining room     cuisine – kitchen                                 grenier – attick

sous-sol – basement                   bureau de travail – office/study         jardin – garden

garage – garage                            entrée – hall

Remember to include the number when stating the rooms. For example:

Il y a trois chambres, deux salles de bains, une cuisine, une salle à manger et un salon.



You may mention what you like and don’t like about your neighbourhood:


Nouns you can use:

Mon quartier – my neighbourhood, les gens – people, l’environnement – environment/surroundings, les bâtiments – buildings, les rues – streets etc.



Adjectives you can use as reasons to describe the neighbourhood:

Animé (lively), ennuyeux (boring), grande (big), petite (little), proper (clean), pollué (polluted), sale (dirty), calme (quiet), bruyant (noisy), touristique (touristic), beau (beautiful), modern (modern), vieux (old).



And if you want to describe the habitants:

Agréables (pleasant), intelligents (intelligent), interessants (interesting), méchants (mean/unkind), gentilles (kind), sympas (nice), enjoués (cheerful), mauvais (bad), bavards (talkative).




Talk about your room in your house or apartment French

Introduction :


Useful adjectives to describe you room:

State of the room

Ma chambre est …

Confortable – comfortable, petite – small, grande – big, propre – clean, chaude – hot, froide – cold, mignonne – cute, sale – dirty …



Elle a le/les couleur(s) / Elle est …

marron – brown, grise – grey, rose – pink, noire – black, blanche – white…


Vocabulary of useful objects found in the room:


Dans ma chambre il y a …

fenêtre – window                    armoire – closet                                  lit – bed

ordinatuer – computer           ordinateur protable – laptop              miroir – mirror

tapis – rug                               climatiseur – air conditioner               chaise – chair

montre – clock                        ventilateur – fan                                 table – table

poubelle – bin                         lampe – lamp


Mention who you share your room with:

Je partage ma chambre avec …

Ma sœur – sister                     mon frère – brother                ma cousin(e) – cousin

Mon ami(e) – friend                colocataire – roommate         ma mère – mother

Mon père – father                  ma tante – aunt                      mon oncle – uncle

Je ne partage pas ma chambre – I do not share my room

Je partage ma chambre avec personne – I share my room with no one


You may then describe the person (if you share)

*Remember the adjectives must agree in gender and number. You may describe their physical appearance as well as their character/personality.


Useful verbs to talk about activities done in your room:

étudier – to study                                                        manger – to eat

dormir – to sleep                                                        regarder (la télé) – to watch (TV)

écouter de la musique – to listen to music                surfer l’internet – to surf the internet

jouer aux jeux vidéo – play video games                    Parler avec les amis – talk with friends

téléphoner a/aux quelqu’un –  to telephone (call)    nettoyer – to clean



Talk about the view from your room:


Useful vocabulary

le rond-point – roundabout               la mer – the sea                      le parc – park

les voitures – cars                            la rue – road/street                 l’église – church

les arbres – trees                            la forêt – the forest                 Les animaux – animals

le lac – the lake                           le centre-ville – city centre     les passants – passers-by

le feu rouge – stop light                      l’autoroute – highway           les maisons – houses



Mention what disturbs you:


A few vocabulary

Musique forte (loud music), les klaxons enroués (honking of the horns), les chiens aboyants (barking dogs), etc.

Example french monologue: “Describe and speak about your house or apartment in French”

Below you will find some examples of people talking about where they live. Listen to the monologue and see if you can reuse some of the vocabulary to describe your room, apartment or house in french.

The first person, Virginie who lives in an apartment. She describe the different rooms as well as the decorations in her home.  This is followed by Bruno and Pascal, who live in a house. They speak of the different function of each room and storey within their house.  Happy listening!


Virginie : mon appartement

Virginie nous décrit son appartement et ses différentes pièces. Elle nous parle également de la décoration qu’elle a choisi.


Bruno : ma maison

J’habite dans une maison qui a trois étages.


Pascale : ma maison

Pascale décrit sa maison avec les différentes pièces et les objets.


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