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Free Alliance Française Business French course A2-B1

Alliance Française is currently offering a FREE online Business French course for levels A2-B1, for people who would like to work in France. As you might know, Alliance Française is already offer 3   free online courses titled “Living in France”.

Available on the France Digital University (FUN) platform, These courses are for people who would like to reach A1, A2 and B1 levels of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).  If you are a newcomer to France, this course will help you become more independent in your daily life. As well as when dealling with administrative procedures.

This new professional-oriented language training entitled “Working in France” is available on the same platform,  was released in March 2019.  It will provide new-comers with support for employment in France.  Helping them become better integrated, by providing them with the linguistic keys and social codes of the professional world.

This free online course covers general work-related French vocabulary and language such as job search, job interview and daily work life. It also offers five specialized courses in specific professional sectors. Areas covered, include personal and business services, building, health, IT, hospitality and catering.

Covering 90 hours, this training program offers an interactive and dynamic support for foreigners who already reached a A2 level in French. The collection, which is called « Travailler en France A2-B1 », is available on the FUN platform (France Digital University) until January 01, 2022.

To access the collection « Travailler en France A2-B1 » just click on the link below. Then create an account on France Digital University to register.

You can also check out the video below to have further information.


Prerequisites for this Free Alliance Francaise online course

This Business French course is for people who have a beginner level in French: you have followed the MOOC “Living in France – A1 level”, you have obtained the level A1, or you have the equivalent of 80 to 100 hours of learning. This course aims at A2 level objectives of the European Reference Framework for Languages.


What to expect in this free online Business French course:

The courses are offered in the form of videos, illustrations or audio content within different chapters called sequences. Each requires several hours of self-study before you can move on to the next sequence and reach the end of the program. You can navigate the course freely and choose to work first on the sequences and activities that interest you the most.

These courses are accessible on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.


Evaluation for « Travailler en France A2-B1 »

Every three months, starting on March 31, 2019, the FUN platform issues successful follow-up certificates. If at this point your exercise score is more than 50%, you can download a “Success Story” (PDF) on the dashboard.

ATTENTION: The certificate is not a certificate of linguistic level.


Plan du cours « Travailler en France A2-B1 »

General Business french topics

Specialised Business French Topics


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