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French DELF A2 Exam Practice: Test 7 (2015)


Delf A2 7

This is our second  DELF A2 mock exam for 2015 that we have here for you. This test is actually from the book publishers,  Nathans. The listening is available for the Comprehension Orale section and an answer sheet is also available so that you can check your answers after you have finished the mock exam.

They follow a similar format as the DELF Exam. The pdf can be downloaded from  french-exam.com site but the listening is on an external link. This is because we can never be sure when a another website might change the layout of there site, update or decide to restrict access to there material and I want to make sure you always have a copy available no matter what.

For the listening there are two sets available on Nathan’s website. One set for Delf A1 and another for Delf A2. Delf A2 listening is the second set. There are a few other exercises available on the website, so remember to check them out too. Hope this Delf A2 exam was helpful and remember to share, someone else might find this useful too!

Check the link below to view and download this mock exam:


Listening for part 1  on NATHANS website

Check the link below to view and download  the answer sheet: