Home Exam tips Like to read? Books based on your Level (A1-C2) to help improve your comprehension orale and ecrite

Like to read? Books based on your Level (A1-C2) to help improve your comprehension orale and ecrite


read-booksWhen trying to learn a foreign language, we try to immense ourselves in that language. May it be by watching movies, listening to music or reading books. when it comes to books it is not easy to find one that fits our level in the language and we are often left frustrated. However, I am here to propose a solution to your problem.

It is now possible to find a wide choice of contemporary novels in french that are divided by skills level which follows the scales of the CEFR. So if you are level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2, there is something for you. These books are designed to help reading based on the level of the student. This is great news, as it also allows the learner go beyond the pleasures of reading by also adding a teaching unit with questions and activities for each chapter and a glossary (where difficult words are explained).

In many cases an audio CD or mp3 that can be used as an audio book is included, which allows you to not only enjoy your novel  but also work on your listening comprehension and your pronunciation if you choose to read out loud along with the CD.The vocabulary is same as the vocabulary  that you will know and need at your level. Thus making it a very good learning tool.

Many of these books are available for sale on amazon and other online stores and are usually under US$10.00 each.

If you are an intermediate to advance french learner such as a B2 , C1 and C2, there are also a number of free contemporary novels on kindle (Amazon) that you can download to your kindle reader. Don’t have a kindle reader? don’t worry, kindle readers are freely available and you can download it to your computer or as an app to you mobile device. There are also a number of free audio books in french that can help you along.

Some authors to check out are Isabelle Darras and Sylvie Poisson Quinton. They have written a number of french novels based on your level in french. Sylvie Poisson Quinton is the writer and/or co-writer of many french textbooks that are used to prepare students for their french exam such as DELF, TEF and TCF.

Have any questions? feel free to contact me by leaving a message.

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