If you are now in France, in the Paris area, then you already know how difficult it is to find really cheap high quality french classes that are offered by reputable organizations. Even though they are difficult to find, they do exist. Many of these options are available to you in the form of group classes.

One organisation to check out is La Philotechnique: La maison de la formation, which is located in Bois-Colombes, Ile de France. This institution now offers French classes starting from Level A1.1 to level B2.1.  The courses are usually offered in the evenings so if you are working or have a day activity then this might be a great option of you. The total amount of hours for each level is 60 hours, with there being currently 5 levels.



The cost is on average 196 euros, with a 70 euros registration fee. That works out to be less that 5 euros per hours. Not a bad price when compared to other language schools such as Alliance Francaise.

If you need French for work, they also offer a French professional writing course.  This is however only for 30 hours.

Check out the website below for further information.