What is the DELF Exam?

DELF is the abbreviation of Diplôme d’études en langue française, while DALF stands for  Diplôme Approfondi en langue française. These two exams correspond six levels of the common European framework of reference of languages A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 ( from basic level to the advance level )and are International recognized Certification of your level of french. These six levels are given in six separate exam, that can be taken starting from DELF A1 and becomes progressively difficult up to level C2. You can choose to take the exams start from A1 but these exams are independent of each other and as a result it is not necessary to take all of them. Just choose the exam that corresponds to your level.

How is the  DELF/ DALF exam structured?

Here is a breakdown of the exam.


For persons interested in validating there proficiency in french for professional reasons there is the DELF Pro (Diplôme d’études en langue française Professionnel) which is focus on french in the workplace.

To determine your level please go here.

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Who should take the DELF Exam?

Anyone can take the DELF exam. This is a very good exam that can be used be someone to verify their level of french. If you are considering taking the DELF for admission to a school, migration purposes or proof of level of french for an application of citizenship a level of at least a DELF B1-B2 is necessary .

  • DELF A1 – DELF A2  Utilisateur Elementaire / Basic User
  • DELF B1- DELF B2 Utilisateur Independant / Independent User
  • DALF C1 – DALF C2 Utilisateur Experimente / Proficient User


Where can I take the DELF Exam?

There are varies centers around the world. If you are located in France please see our article.

Can I take the DELF DALF exam online?

No it is not possible to take the DELF DALF online at this time. Check if there are any local approved examination in your country.

How much is the cost of the DELF Exam?

The cost of the exam varies depending on the exam center. It is recommend to check around to determine the cost of registering at various center near you.

 How long is it valid for?

Unlike the TEF and the TCF,   the DELF Exam is valid for life.

How can I study for the DELF exam?

There is a lot of resources available to get you ready for the DELF/DALF exam, including websites, books, schools etc. On our site we have recommended and provided useful resources to get you on the right track.

For more information on the DELF exam, please visit http://www.ciep.fr


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