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Syllabus for DILF A1.1 and DELF A1 in English

Why only one file for two exams, you may ask. Well, the DILF Exam (Diplôme Initial de Langue Française) is the first level of the DELF. If you are in France, this might be the first official exam that you take as part of our Contrat d’accueil et d’integration with OFII ( L’Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration). While not as popular as the other DELF/ DALF exams, as an introduction to french, it is a very solid exam.

To help to put you at ease , here is the  syllabus for the DILF A1.1 and DELF A1 syllabus in english. It has all the information you will need to to prepare for your french exam.

Syllabus for DILF A1.1 and DELF A1 Below:

Please select the link Beginner Level that refers to the DILF A1.1 and DELF A1. This is a PDF file that you can download.


Tip! Keep in mind that the same books and resources that you use to prepare for the DELF A1 exam can also be used to get you ready for the DILF.  Take your time to get read through the syllabus. Remember to get as much practice with the DILF and DALF A1 exam style questions as you can. Be sure to check out the Free Exercise section on this site. We has a few practice exercises that are aimed to get you ready for your exam.

This syllabus is also the  same for people talking the TCF, TEF and French BULATS exam.

Also remember to check out the Level A1 -C2 self-assessment checklist pdf in order to evaluate your level. This will help you to determine what are your weak area that need improvement. After check out the wide selection of  Mock French Exams  and  practice test  on our site to get yourself ready for your exam:



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