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DELF A2 Syllabus in English

This is a syllabus for the DELF A2 syllabus in english. It contained detailed information about the requirement and expectation for those who wish to reach level A2 in french. This include information in regards to the sections relating to reading (Comprehension ecrite), speaking ( Production Orale), listening (Comprehension Orale) and writing (Production ecrite). 

With this detail syllabus you will be able to anticipate what will appear on your DELF A2 exam  and to prepare accordingly. Remember that work through as much practice exercises as you can, in order to get use to the exam format.

To download, just select the arrow at the side or the last link at the bottom of the page.

Also remember to check out the A1 – C2 self-assessment checklist pdf in order to evaluate your level and to check what you can do and what areas you need to improve.After check out the wide selection of  Mock French Exams  and  Free french exercise  on our site to get yourself ready for your exam.



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