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Language exchange sites to improve your french

Language exchange sites to improve your french

16215416_sUsing language exchange sites is a great way to improve your French . Many people are using a language exchange site to improve their spoken and comprehension of the french language as spoke by a native french speaker.

This is pretty good, as you are able to hear spoken french, not just how it is taught academically but how it is spoken by a native speaker. This is extremely useful  especially for people who are planning to move to a french speaking country, may it be for a job, school or permanent migration.

Can’t I learn english with my french teacher? Not like this. If you think about it, it is the same for english. Depending where you are from, the english we speak in the classroom, is way different than the english we speak day to day. The colloquialism which has become a natural part of our pattern of speaking is usually omitted in our english class. The same goes for french. If you would like to speak like a native, put aside the french book and get a language exchange partner.

With a language exchange both sides can benefit. Communication can be by Skype, messenger or just email messages if you are trying to improve your french writing. Some language exchange sites have meet up groups that you can do face to face exchange.

At what level should you be considering a language exchange website? …level B1. Why? People on language exchange sites are like you. They do not have time or maybe the patience to teach a beginner all that you will need to know.  As a result,  you would need to have enough communication skills to be able to introduce yourself and moreover to get the conversation started.In addition for levels A1 and A2 the french you will need to learn is not an advance level.

Here are four language exchange sites that can be useful in helping to improve your french.


Polyglot Club



although a language exchange site. Polyglot club have a number of meet up groups around the world. Here people get together to meet people and to improve their communication in a target language. Check online to find out if there is a meet up group near you. If not, the site is still worth the visit.


My language Exchange

Although not totally free, this site has a lot of young french professional who are looking for people to go language exchange. While sign up is free , in order to contact and leave a message for someone is not free. However this site has a lot of paying members who would be happy to contact you.





Conversation Exchange

As the same says is pretty similar to the two previous websites.





This website is more than a language exchange website. the image below speaks for itself. be sure to check out there french language learning apps. They are very useful for the level A1- A2





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