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Best self study books for level B1 of DELF, TCF or TEF exams

If you are looking to improve your french and would like to know which books you need to get to level B1, consider the books on this list. These books are designed to help you master the relevant french grammar and vocabulary you will need to get you to the next level of the CEFR.

If you are looking a specific exam preparation book such as for the DELF, TCF or TEF exam, look at our other articles on this website. We have a lot of DELF exam preparation sample papers. Recommendation for the TCF . There are also a number of article on TEF exam preparation books and online resources.

Self Study Book for french oral comprehension B1

Competences niveau 3 Comprehension orale. written by Michele Barfety , CLE national

This manual provides guided preparation activities and tests for the listening comprehension of the DELF B1 level. However, the skill level which will be acquired is at B1 and B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and as a result, can be used for exams such as the TCF and TEF​​.

 This collection of exercise is aimed at adult learners and teenagers totaling at least 160 hours of French. Lessons comes with an accompanying CD, which is really great. A lot of other books require you to buy the CD additionally. 

This book includes fifteen lessons divided into five units, each with a theme and specific functional goals.Each lesson provides additional and progressive exercises, as well as lexical and grammatical tools to consolidate your knowledge.At the end of each unit, an assessment allows you to assess your learning.At the end of the book,there is the transcription of recordings and the corrected exercises.

Self Study Book for french reading comprehension B1

Competences niveau 3 Comprehension ecrite. written by Slyvie Poisson-Quinton and Reine Mimran , CLE national

  This book is for adults and older adolescents learners of french who already have initial exposure to the language.It can be used in the classroom,in addition to a manual or self-learning.It includes fifteen lessons divided into five units, each with a theme and specific functional goals.

Each lesson starts by defining the objective of a specific requirement of your exam. This objective shows the grammar, vocabulary, orthography etc and how this lesson relates to the syllabus of your B1 French exam.

There is a wide variety of media texts, as a result, you will get sufficient practice for you exam.The format is also similar to what is in the actually exams as well as how the instructions are written. At the end of each unit, an assessment will allow you to assess exactly what you have acquired in that unit.At the end of the book,you will also find all the corrected exercises and activities.

Self Study Book for french oral expression B1

Competences niveau 2 Expression orale. written by Michele Barfety and Patricia Beaujouin , CLE national

This book very  comprehensive and as a result, is an an ideal book to get you on your way to passing your french exam.

This book is divided into five units of five lessons each ( so 15 lessons in total), each with a theme and specific functional goals. Each lesson is aimed at fulfilling the requirement, for you to attain B1 of your French exam.  There are a great variety of supplement texts.At the end of each unit, an assessment allows you to assess your learning.At the end of the book,we find the corrected transcripts, exercises and activities.This is important as it gives you the opportunity to work on your pronunciation, which is very important in your exam.

All in all I found this to be a great book for learning French due to how focus this book was to the learners needs.

Self study grammar books for Level B1

Knowing your grammar structure and how to spell words in french can make the differences between a 70% and a 90%. key tip: ALWAYS check your spelling and grammar before handing your exam paper. It is better to not have the required word count in the production ecrite section of the exam than to meet or exceed the required word count for the production ecrite section and have poor grammar and a lot of orthographic mistakes. The following book will be very helpful to get you on the right path.

Grammar progressive du francais,CLE International

Where to find these books?

If you are in France, a number of bookstores such as fnac have them available. However, if you are another country please try the online store Amazon. Many Amazon stores ship to different locations around the world. Also remember to compare the different amazon sites as the prices will vary depending on where you are.

Other useful resources for B1

Remember also there are other resources that can help you self study for you french exam. A few includes the best podcasts to improve your comprehension as well as apps from both iTunes and android that were designed for level B1 french exam, that can be very useful. There are also free DELF B1 practice exercises for you.

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