Free Interactive Online French Course for level B1

  If you are looking for a free online course  that will help you make the jump from level B1 to level B2 in French then do consider the course: Paroles de FLE {Français Langue Etrangère} niveau B2.   The registration for the MOOC Paroles […]

défiDELF, a FREE online course for DELF B2

Based on the positive response to my previous post on Free online Intermediate french course for level b1-b2, I decided to follow up with another free course.  Let me present the défiDELF a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for preparing you for the DELF B2. […]

DELF B1 Exam Practice: Talking about comic books

These practice Production Ecrite essay tasks on talking about things we like doing. In this case, reading Comics books. They are suitable for level B1 of many French Exam. The tasks are taken from a French test given at the University of Liège(ULg), in Wallonia, […]

French DELF B1-B2 Exam Practice: Protecting our personal data

These practice Production Ecrite essay tasks looks at the issue of protecting our personal data “la protection des données personnelles“. This is a current discussion that you will be sure to come across, even in your own native language. They are suitable for level B1 […]