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DELF A1 Exam Structure

This is a breakdown of the DELF A1 exam structure. For a complete syllabus of the A1 level can be found at the following link. DELF A1 Syllabus BEGINNER LEVEL.pdf



Mark out of

Listening comprehension

Written replies to questions on three or four short recorded items relating to everyday situations (played twice)Maximum length of the recorded items: 3 minutes

15 min


written comprehension

Written replies to questions on four or five documents relating to everyday situations.

30 min



Examination in two parts:

  • Complete a slip, a form
  • Write simple sentences (postcards, messages, captions, etc.) on everyday topics

30 min



Examination in three parts:

  • guided interview
  • exchange of information
  • simulated conversation

5 à 7 min

Préparation : 10 min


Pass mark 50%A minimum of 5/25 is required in each sectionTotal length of the written examinations: 1 hr 15 minutes

Total mark :


There is also a full syllabus available.


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